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All printed music comes with a 9x12 or 11x17 score (spiral bound for scores with more than 20 pages) and a set of instrumental parts. Printed parts are 9x12 and with the purchase of these editions, you are permitted to photocopy the number of instrumental parts needed for your orchestration. Extra master copies of the instrumental parts can be emailed to you (in pdf format) at a rate of $3.00 per part or printed and shipped to you at a rate of $8 per part (plus shipping and handling). Click here to replace a master copy.

Pricing for full orchestra music

All full orchestra pieces are currently rent only. Pricing for these pieces are negotiable as printing cost is a major factor. I do use my own music printer, so paper cost, ink, labor, and shipping will set the minimum price at $60. After the rental period has ended and the parts have been returned, you may rent the parts again at a reduced cost. To get a price quote, please fill out the form on the Contact page (click here).

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