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If We Meet


Mountain Run Cover.jpg

Flute, Clarinet, Horn,
(Vibraphone, Crotales, 2 Toms, Bass Drum,
Suspended Cymbal, Mark Tree)
Piano, Violin, Cello

10 minutes

Grade 6

LRW Music




Chamber Ensemble

Program Notes

I wrote this piece as a musical love letter to a girl that probably doesn’t even know that it’s for her. The piece details the relationship I had with her: the shimmering yet somewhat quirky melody in the piano represents her. The calm and serene horn melody is representative of my self. Both melodies interact and intertwine, combining into a third motif played by the violin that represents our love for each other. The themes then start to tangle, desynchronize, and fight for superiority. At the height of this conflict, the unity of the three themes has unraveled and all three themes in their own tonalities play simultaneously. Separated, my melody plays alone, and it’s not until the reminder of the love theme, starting softly and growing in intensity, that the music begins to lighten and blossom. The end of the piece starts similar to the beginning yet there is subtle differences. Though we reconnected, people change over time so it felt as if we were meeting again for the first time. In the end, all I’m left with is the memory of what once was.

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