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Concrete Playground


Concrete Playground

Instrumentation: Full Orchestra

Mountain Run Cover.jpg

2.2.2.asax.2. - - t.3p. - Str.

5 minutes

Grade 6

LRW Music




Program Notes

The title, "Concrete Playground" brings to mind not an actual playground kids may play on, but a dirty, abandoned structure that could be repurposed. Much like a blank canvas, this structure can be recreated for anyone's use; perhaps a drained swimming pool becomes a skate park, a cracked wall becomes a mural for a street artist, or even broken ruins become a battle ground for paint ball enthusiasts. This piece seeks to capture the dirtiness of such a structure, in this case the sound of the saxophone, the percussion made entirely of scrapyard junk, and the octotonic scale, and re-envision them in a fun and exciting way. Just enjoy yourself and prepare for a wild ride!

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