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Mystic Timbres


Mountain Run Cover.jpg

6 minutes

Grade 6

LRW Music




Solo Bassoon

Program Notes

In the summer of 2018, my friend Shuzo and I rode the roller coaster Mystic Timbers located at Kings Island in Mason Ohio. Because we are musicians, it was always his lame joke to call the coaster Mystic Timbres. The coaster takes place around a fictional logging company that was shut down due to the land being overtaken by wild, rampant growth. Part of the hype during the marketing campaign was that there was some sort of creature in the shed located at the end of the ride. This was kept secret from the public until it's debut. In reality, the roller coaster really is a "level 5 thrill ride", but what happens in the shed was so underwhelming that all the hype didn't add up to the final product (watch a Youtube video if you don’t mind spoilers). This piece explores that underwhelming reality by taking a bassoon quote, fragment and distort it so that it's unrecognizable, and slowly reveal what it is. Fair warning: the shed at the end of this piece holds a monster that can’t be chained!

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